About Us

Manuscript Manager is a peer review software and the main product of Akron ApS,

a company dedicated to simplifying the work of academic and scholarly journals.

A peer review ‘software as a service’


Manuscript Manager is a peer review system for academic and scholarly journals and a product of Akron ApS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our team has +15 years experience working with peer review software for academic organizations. With over 750.000 users, Manuscript Manager services journals all over the world.

In the ever-changing environment of scholarly publishing, we are passionate about providing a cost-effective, fully-featured and user-friendly alternative to the more traditional peer review solutions.

(Member ALPSP)

Manuscript Manager encourages customers and business partners to uphold high standards in academic and peer review practices. Thus, we refer to the standards of DOAJ, COPE and OASPA, when considering partnerships.