Video Tutorials, Help Center Articles/FAQ’s & Quick Start Walkthroughs


In your journal’s Manuscript Manager system, the ‘Need a hand’ tab links to Help Center articles, FAQs and video tutorials, providing support where and when your users need it. Browse through this material below.

Visit our ‘Demo’ page for clickable workflow demos, or print out a ‘Quick Start Walkthrough’ below.

Video Tutorials

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Instructional videos for the Author

Submitting a Manuscript

Submitting Supplementary Video

Instructional videos for the Reviewer

Delivering a Review

Viewing Video

Instructional videos for Editor-in-Chief

Assigning Assoc. Ed.

Flags & Notes

Viewing Supplementary Video

Making Decision

Email Templates

Instructional videos for the Associate Editor

Searching for Reviewers

Making a Recommendation or a Decision

Using Flags & Notes

Inviting Reviewers and Monitoring the Review Process

Email Templates

Viewing Supplementary Video

Instructional videos for the Editorial Office / Administrator:

View a New Submission and Invite Ed.-in-Chief

Updating Manuscript Metadata

Proxying as Another User

Add Your Team

Configure Settings

Adding Reviewer / Ed. Board Member

Adding journal keywords

Flags & Notes

Email Templates

Merging Accounts

Customizing the Submission Process

Configure Decisions

Configure the Review

Quick Start Walkthroughs

Short PDF walkthroughs of selected workflows

Author submits a manuscript online

A PDF walk-through of the Authors submission process

Editorial office processes a new manuscript

A PDF walk-through of the steps the Editorial Office take to facilitate the peer review process

Editor selects reviewers

A PDF walk-through of how Editors search for and assign manuscripts to reviewers

Editor-in-Chief adds Associate Editor

A PDF walk-through of the EiC delegates responsability

Editor makes a decision

A PDF walk-through of the final approval or rejection of a manuscript

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